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There is just so much going on with the leading industries that majorly influence labor trends as technology brings new possibilities that it would be hard not to expect new business models or interactions with outsourcing services. Staff Offshoring and Nearshoring are no exception, as they become an obvious solution for a handful of tasks, and sometimes a not-so-obvious niche solution that apparently only a few noticed and found a great business opportunity regardless of their simplicity or how awkward they might sound. Some of the jobs posted here have existed for many years and have even evolved from their “offline” version. With digital tools as the protagonists of globalization, now these rather unusual jobs are even being outsourced.

Online Dating Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting has been around for centuries. Dating apps however have been around less than that. It turns out that writing a dating profile is not for everyone, so there are people who will assign the task of “selling” themselves to an “outsourcer”. If we think about it, this is similar to a Community Manager, just a little more personal. The basic concepts of communication and marketing are clearly present, and having a good profile can be a game-changer when getting those “matches”,

An online dating ghostwriter can average $900 a month, but good writers will be able to earn as much as $120 per profile. Basically, all forms of content, either personal or professional can be done through ghostwriting now that digital tools are advanced enough. The date itself, however, should probably only be done by the hirer part… or is it?

Online Concierge Dating Services

Not only you can have your own dating profile outsourced, but you can also acquire “Concierge Online Dating Services”. So, matchmakers have existed for a long time, as well as concierges; then why not take it a step further and make it an online job, or even done offshore? With this service, you can acquire a professional who swipes, chooses, and makes dates for you.

So instead of wasting time and energy on “prospects”, you can hire this service on a monthly basis, where you can get the right solution depending on the package.

Movie Watcher

Reviews have always been relevant. However, digital buyers now have immediate access to compare and even benchmark based on reviews in order to make a decision: “Do I buy A, or buy B? What have others experienced?” The same applies to movies, as streaming companies will often look for people to watch and rate their movies and shows, although it is known only the highest rates will be displayed.

We all know professional or critic reviewers, but there is a reason why their reviews are separate from those of the audience: Some people might look for more “casual” reviews without caring too much about cinematography, similar to what a friend might tell them about a movie they just saw. This is how these movie watchers are different from the critics; they might not write important articles for magazines, but they can still earn about $15 per hour.

Pet food taster

Sure, we can deduce Rex, the friendly chihuahua, doesn’t really like its food since the bowl is still full. But how could he tell us what it tastes like? This is where Pet food testers make an entrance. Just as with any other remote product tester, pet food companies will collect user feedback about their products off tasters and now being able to access professionals abroad and for lower costs.

This job also requires writing reports not only of its taste and consistency, but also quality, nutritional value, and even propose ways of improving the product and making it more appealing for our pets. Since not a lot of people are waiting in line to taste cat treats or dog biscuits, the pay is rather generous: about $40,000 a year. Talking about lines, the next job earns its living off those:

Professional line stander

Who actually enjoys standing in lines? Probably someone earning $1,000 per week for taking care of this. After all, time is money! Frequently requested during Black Friday or new product launches, you can have someone either just waiting in line for you until you arrive or taking care of an entire process. Although this service is not particularly new, it certainly has become much more accessible, and even obtainable through apps, regardless of your location.


So, there you have it! This list could make us realize how many things we can outsource these days; given the ever-increasing potential of digital tools, possibilities are endless as much as offshore and nearshore trends multiply. We could probably make educated guesses on what will be next, although how ambitious some projects might turn out to be or how far will niches go remain to be discovered in the future.



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